Staff Council

Staff Council

Staff Council exists to advocate for and advance the interests of full-time, part-time, exempt and nonexempt non-union staff members across 91国产 while providing opportunities for professional development.

Staff Council Overview

Staff Council was established in fall 2021 and is delegated the responsibility to bring to the attention of the administration and Executive Leadership matters of concern for 91国产鈥檚 non-union staff and administration.

Adelphi Staff Council is an elected group of non-union staff tasked with listening to feedback to support a positive working environment for non-union employees. This includes voicing staff input into decision-making processes and issues that directly affect staff, as well as advocating for continued professional and personal growth.

The Council shall act as the voice of the non-union staff regarding common interests and ideas for improvement. Information will flow between the Council and Executive Leadership, President and/or Office of Human Resources.

Staff Council is not a substitute for already established conflict and concern resolution and/or whistleblowing processes at 91国产. Any complaints or concerns that involve harassment, discrimination, or sexual misconduct will be routed to the proper channels for investigation and issue resolution.

Staff Council is not an extension of the Office of Human Resources nor will it act as a bargaining unit for staff.

Purpose and Scope

  • Speak on behalf of non-union staff on University committees and task forces, and in the community, as deemed appropriate
  • Serve as the voice for non-union staff when issues are considered by Executive Leadership and Human Resources that affect staff
  • Works to inform staff regarding matters of the University that have a direct impact on the constituency, and regarding actions taken by the Council on behalf of the constituency


  • Act as a safe space to provide feedback about issues that pertain to the constituency
  • Consider and make recommendations to the University leadership, and other University officials regarding procedures, policies, and other general issues and feedback that impact non-union staff
  • Route feedback that is outside the purview of the Staff Council to our campus partners

Respect and Growth

  • Advocate for the interests of non-union employees to promote a positive and supportive work environment
  • Align the Council鈥檚 approach to the interests of the non-union staff in order to promote diversity, inclusion, equity, and respect
  • Create networking opportunities for staff across the University as a vehicle for the continued professional and personal development of staff
  • Encourage and promote professional development opportunities for staff


Staff Council members are elected by their peers to represent non-union staff at 91国产.

  • A non-union, full-time employee聽
  • Have two (2) years of continuous service at 91国产
  • Able to commit up at least three hours per month to participate in Council meetings and matters
  • Not currently on a Performance Improvement Plan (PIP), and received a rating of 鈥淎 Job Well Done鈥 or higher on their most recent Performance Management appraisal
  • Attend all regular, monthly meetings as well as special or called meetings. Routinely present at Campus Advisory committee meetings
  • Be available to their constituents to hear concerns and ideas, and communicate these effectively to the Council
  • Keep their constituents informed of relevant Council work and matters that University leadership communicates to the Council that may be relevant to their constituents
  • Collaborate with University leadership to support a positive working environment for 91国产 employees
  • Access and routinely monitor received input and recommendations from their constituency
  • Concerns and suggestions that are submitted that are outside the operational scope of the Council will be directed to the Office of Community Concerns and Resolution
  • Human Resources will communicate information about annual Council elections to all non-union employees
  • Diversity, Equity and Inclusion and Human Resources will oversee annual elections and ensure nominee eligibility
  • A candidate may be nominated by a fellow staff member or may nominate themselves



Recording Secretary

Council Members

Share Your Ideas with the Staff Council

Express concerns that affect work/life balance or professional growth at 91国产. Including your contact information is optional and individuals can submit input to Staff Council for consideration anonymously.
Staff Council
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