Bridges to 91国产

Bridges to 91国产

Dedicated to providing the highest levels of individualized academic, social, and vocational support services to 91国产鈥檚 neurodiverse students. This includes students who self-disclose that they are on the autism spectrum, or students who have other non-verbal or neurological-social disorders.

Bridges Overview

Bridges helps you prepare for academic and career success.

Transition to College Life

During our Summer Launch Program, you will receive tailored support services and an exclusive summer course, making the transition to 91国产 easy.

Summer Launch Program

Through a variety of services designed to help students maximize areas of strength and creativity, the Bridges to 91国产 Program endeavors to increase community awareness and understanding, as well as foster appreciation for each student鈥檚 unique views of the world.

The Bridges to 91国产 program is unlike any other program, and it has made 91国产 a prominent destination for students from all over the world who self-disclose as being on the autism spectrum or who experience other nonverbal or neurological-social disorders. The program is dedicated to providing the highest levels of individualized academic, social and vocational support services so you will:

  • Gain the tools to advocate for yourself
  • Achieve academically
  • Make new friends
  • Prepare to embark on a career

Because 91国产 prides itself on being inclusive, the Bridges program also promotes awareness and understanding of neurosocial disorders throughout the campus community, through education, training and collaboration with University faculty, staff and students.

Bridges to 91国产 has helped our son mature and develop socially. He came from a high school program with significant academic support, but not very much of the social support that is critical for the less structured environment of college. He is now more self-assured and has developed strong interpersonal relationships with students who have common interests.

Bridges to 91国产 Parent
A Bridges student in an 91国产 physics class faces the camera. Two other students are seated across the table from him. A professor stands at the front of the class.

Despite proven potential to thrive at the college level, neurodivergent students often face challenges. 91国产鈥檚 answer is the innovative Bridges to 91国产 program, offering academic coaching, career training and a first-in-the-nation sensory room to boost student success. This award-winning program is a national model for providing equity and access to higher education.

10 Years of Transformative Support and Inclusion

2024 marks the 10th year that Bridges has been an official 91国产 program.

Diana Damilatis-Kull Director of the Bridges to 91国产 program

Bridges to 91国产 10th Anniversary logoWe plan to have an event at Spirit Weekend this September 27-29, 2024, where we welcome all of our students and their families throughout the years to come back 鈥榟ome鈥 and reminisce on their journey with us.

As part of the 10th anniversary celebration, the program will devote $13,000 raised during the toward renovating the Bridges sensory room and a mobile sensory station to enhance neuro-inclusivity at various events across 91国产.

Our Students Created an 91国产 Campus Tour in聽Minecraft

During the pandemic in Summer 2020, several students in the Bridges to 91国产 program began developing a digital replica of our Garden City campus鈥攅ven our beloved bunnies鈥攊n Minecraft video game format.

Awards & Highlights

Your Path to a Rewarding College Experience

College is a big adjustment for anyone. But if you are neurodiverse, making the move from high school to higher education can seem especially challenging.
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